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The Blah Blah Sports Marketing Playbook:

1.) Add “Nation” to your name. 2.) Poorly smack talk rival brands through social channels. 3.) Produce bass-heavy hype tape featuring sweat-drenched athletes pulling on giant ropes, screaming, and turning defiantly towards camera. It’s enough to make you yearn for the off-season. Good news: there’s a varsity team of brand builders (in the underdog capital of the world, no less) ready with breakthrough digital campaigns and analytics, content and influencer marketing strategies, and experiential media activations designed to create excitement and increase fandom even during a losing season. Hands in…“brokaw” on three. 1, 2, 3…

Category Work

vitaminwater | winter olympics

Let’s launch vitaminwater with an Olympic campaign powerful enough to score up to 35 points above the norm for 12-24 and 20-34 year olds in categories such as “Unaided Brand Awareness” and “More Likely to Buy Product.” (“He shoots, he scores!”)

Cleveland Indians

Let’s create an exclusive community (or “Tribe”) to help increase year-over-year attendance by 10% despite a season filled with losses, snow, and, umm, bugs?!

Summit Motorsports

Let’s tap our sister company Favorite Brother to develop a video campaign with enough muscle to increase ticket sales by 22%. Vrooooom!

Horton Crossbows

Instead of talking features and benefits like the competition, let’s create an integrated campaign that shoots sales up 17% through the life of the campaign by talking to hunters in a way they’d appreciate. (PETA…not so much.)

Gay Games

Let’s turn an offensive remark like, “That’s so gay,” into a positive, inspiring PR, digital, and social campaign to help attract 8,000 athletes from around the world, and pump $52 million into the local economy.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Let’s develop an integrated digital, social, and influencer Inter-skate 71 campaign to drive more fans to Blue Jackets games. (Literally.)

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