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How can a national, niche casual dining chain that underwent significant operational changes find success in a challenging market?

To help Smokey Bones of Orlando, Florida get more people to eat their huge portions of, well, everything, we helped put a little meat on their brand bones from the bottom up. From new food and bar menus to cheesy promotions to traffic-driving LTOs to multi-platform messaging that let everyone know “This is how you eat.”

wow, that’s cheesy.

To promote Smokey Bones’s new cheese-infused menu items, we created a cheesy contest to let patrons crown the true champion of cheese. Good luck, fanny pack—we’re pulling for you.

Smokey Bones Champion of Cheesy Burger
Smokey Bones Champion of Cheesy
Smokey Bones Champion of Cheesy
Smokey Bones Champion of Cheesy

meet skip hooky.

How do we convince hoops-hungry (and smoked-wings-hungry) desk jockeys to creep out of the cube farm and watch the “big college b-ball tourney” at Smokey Bones? Let’s deploy office-ditching legend Skip Hooky to impart his time-tested weaseling-out-of-work wisdom in well-placed promotional materials and a series of enlightening videos.

Smokey Bones Skip Hooky

singles awareness day.

Let’s celebrate the little-known national holiday, Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.), and have a Smokey Bones S.A.D. Happy Hour designed to gain a ton of unpaid media and drive more traffic—not to mention, demonstrate how there’s nothing sad about: sleeping in, not having to share the remote, taking spontaneous trips without having to clear them with anybody, etc.

Smokey Bones Singles Awareness Day

the big meat up.

To debut a new Smokey Bones restaurant in the Boston area, we created a meat-centric turnkey grand opening holiday: Carnivus.

Smokey Bones Carnivus
Smokey Bones Carnivus Grand Opening
Smokey Bones Carnivus
Smokey Bones Carnivus

A three-month grand opening advertising budget paid for within the first two days of sales—one $.25 chicken wing at a time.

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