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How do you increase public transportation ridership in a driving town?

We’ve helped RTA acquire new riders for years by informing them of all the places they can go with RTA—and how frustrating it can be to be stuck behind the wheel getting there.

everybody goes rta.

With a catchy sing-along song and loads of user-generated destinations, we had all of CLE humming “I go RTA” (while riding, of course).


Users shared where they were taking RTA, and we shared their selfies and destinations all over town.

#IGORTA partners
#IGORTA partners

We partnered with popular destinations to drive traffic to their doors via mass transit. The program was so successful, soon other businesses were lining up to board the transit program. It’s a win-win. Or win-ride-win.


Through highly targeted DM and digital, we found potential groups of riders who live on or near routes and gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse—a free week of rides.

Captain RTA saves Cleveland.

Captain RTA
Captain RTA

Downtown streets were gridlocked for weeks thanks to the filming of the blockbuster Hollywood hit, Captain America. But have no fear, Captain RTA saved the day by quickly dispersing free rail passes to people trapped in their cars. And yes, he became a local celebrity overnight thanks to all of the free media coverage.

join the ride.

RTA Join the Ride Web Page

“Join the Ride” website we built, where former car drivers could post videos and pics of their own “What won’t you miss about driving?” stories, including a special vanity plate gallery section.

RTA Fake Driver License

Let’s get a little crazy and spread fake discarded drivers licenses around high-traffic areas and parking lots.

RTA Outdoor

An outdoor board located along a turn on I-90 so treacherous it’s earned this infamous name.


There’s nothing like the back of a bus to sell, well, taking the bus.

Say it with us: P.W.A.S.O.D.A.P.F.G.

Let’s form the National Chapter of P.W.A.S.O.D.A.P.F.G. (People Who Are Sick Of Driving And Paying For Gas) and stage a peaceful rally that gets every local media station to cover it.  

What better way to show how ditching your Dodge can make the world a little greener.


And ride they did—to the tune of years of steady ridership increases—not to mention, RTA being named “The Best Public Transit System in North America” (thanks, APTA).

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