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How can a beverage that literally puts people to sleep increase nationwide awareness and trial?

To help Santa Monica functional beverage company Neuro get their new SLEEP drink in as many beds as possible, we created a hot and steamy “Sleep with Neuro” integrated campaign.

neuro SLEEP Microsite

Sleepwithneuro.com—the website we designed, built, and used to drive trial temporarily shut down the internet (or at least put it to sleep).

Our concept for a NPH viral video garnered over 1.3M views on YouTube, and was named Adweek’s ad of the week, Creativity’s Pick of the Day, and also appeared on Mashable.

Who put the motion in these spots for a magical sleep potion? Favorite Brother did—our in-house production and motion design arm.

neuro SLEEP on Jimmy Kimmel

Another way to move product? Get it featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo.

great in bed
SLEEP with neuro

Getting people to "Sleep with Neuro” onboard Virgin Airlines? Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Our sleepy campaign resulted in over 400k bottles redeemed and increased sales by 12%. (Total dream scenario.)

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