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How can Ohio’s very first craft brewer grow to a critically acclaimed brand with a huge cult following?

From a small startup to producing more than 130,000 barrels annually in 14 states with a huge cult following, we’ve worked with Great Lakes Brewing Company (GLBC) for over 20 years, helping them build their brand and rise above a sudsy sea of sameness. Cheers!

the rebrand

Our recent national rebranding efforts included a bolder, brighter, more consistent look—while staying true to the brand heritage.

Great Lakes Brewing Company Rebrand
Great Lakes Brewing Company Commodore Perry

We made sure to maintain our charmingly-educated-craft-beer-aficionado-guy-
next-door voice that we helped them develop decades ago.

Great Lakes Brewing Company Rebrand

We don’t just heart beer.

Great Lakes Brewing Company Outdoor

who’s the b.f.o.d.g.?

 Our integrated BFODG (Best Friend of Dortmunder Gold) campaign helped increase Dortmunder sales by 11% during the life of the campaign. 

Best Friend of Dortmunder Gold

Yes, people really called to speak with Dortmunder, and we have the drunk-dial voicemails to prove it.

Throwback whatever
day it is today.

GLBC Print

Our first campaign 25 years ago focused on craft beer education. (Wit, Wheat, what?!)

Wait, we even made their timeline?! We’ll drink to that.

Great Lakes Brewing Company
Burning River creative department wall
Burning River creative department wall

We returned the favor, too, with our Burning River creative department wall, and our Black Out Stout Brokaw Bar.

Over the course of our 20+ year relationship, we’ve helped GLBC expand to 14 states and grow to the 21st largest craft brewery in the U.S. Our BFODG campaign helped increase Dortmunder sales by 11% during the course of the campaign. We’ve also been happy to roll up our sleeves and increase consumption at many a happy hour.

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