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How can a national QSR Italian chain increase unaided awareness and comp sales in an overcrowded fast food marketplace?

Fazoli’s had a “fast food” problem. So we repositioned the brand to focus on flavor—inspiring consumers to “Return to Real Food” and leveraging Fazoli’s famous free breadsticks at every possible touch-and-eat-point.

return to real food.
for real.

The 360-degree brand campaign that reintroduced families to real sit-down meals, real utensils, real flavor profiles, and heck, even real table conversation.

Fazoli's Outdoor
Fazoli's Print

blockbuster breadsticks.

Each week for 14 weeks straight, we created a new five-second movie with Fazoli’s famous breadsticks reenacting scenes from popular movies, and invited Fazoli’s social media audience to “name that movie” for chances to win various coupons and prizes, including dinner and a movie every Friday night. (“Luuuuke, I am your breadstick.”)

Fazoli's Breadstick Theater

doing good.

We created Fazoli’s breadstick brigade, and toured the country for 10 weeks over the summer passing out free breadsticks wherever we went—Indianapolis, St. Louis, Denver, Green Bay, Kansas City, Paducah, you name it. We gained tons of new breadstick fans along the way, not to mention over $430K of free media with zero traditional media dollars.

Fazoli's Breadstick Tour
Fazoli's Breadstick Tour
Fazoli's Breadstick Tour
Fazoli's Fast Casual Brand of the Year

A recipe that yielded 31 consecutive months of same-stores growth and helped the chain receive “Fast Casual’s Brand of the Year”—not to mention, lots of speaking engagements for the CEO of Fazoli’s.

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