I feel like I was in a time warp this year. There was the comeback of TV show Fuller House, a remake of The Jungle Book, and a live performance of Hairspray on NBC. What is happening?

Marketers are capitalizing on the fact that millennials have reached the age where reflecting on the good ol’ days is now a pastime. So they are throwing it back to what we loved—as far back as the 80’s. This is what we call nostalgia marketing.

Nostalgia marketing makes us relive memories and reminds us how far a brand has come. Take these examples of brands who turned back the hands of time:

  • Nintendo. Step aside Xbox One. Nintendo is back from 1985 in a hot new way. The NES Classic Edition gaming system is pre-loaded with favorite games like Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong. And it’s arguably the hottest gift item this Christmas.

NES Classic Edition

  • MillerCoors. Miller Lite went old school by bringing back the steinie. Knowing that millennials’ tastes are trending on all things retro, Miller leveraged the steinie’s shape and design style to stand out amongst longer neck bottles.
  • KFC. Earlier this year KFC introduced the Extra Crispy Colonel Sanders. With George Hamilton’s super bronzed skin and his love for a crispy lifestyle, the Colonel has been revived in the minds of millennials. And you’ll be seeing him again, but this time he’s even hotter. KFC recently introduced The Nashville Hot Colonel who you may recognize as Mad Men’s heartthrob Vincent Kartheiser.

So next time your brand is looking to take millennials on an emotional journey, consider what is at your brand’s roots and how that can be relevant today.

Have a memorable day, everybody.
-Your friends at Brokaw.