’Tis the season to reflect on everything for which I am thankful: an in-office keg of Christmas Ale, cool client products I genuinely enjoy (GE Vintage lights and Timbits, to name a few), and the calendar gods, whose schedule allowed me to write a festive AF O-News.

And, of course, I’m grateful for all of my talented, thoughtful coworkers who took the time to submit what they are thankful for this holiday season:

Pauline Marting – “I’m thankful for the progress that women have made in advertising, specifically when it comes to depictions of women and how female stereotypes and male-driven notions of what women want are used to sell things.”

Jessica Thompson – “I’m thankful for the industry’s gradual acceptance of vertical video. Yes, it’s a producer’s worst nightmare, but let’s be honest, in the real world–it happens!”

Jayme Kostelnik – “For podcasts, which help me laugh and learn instead of cry or curse at traffic.”

Megan Pinson – “I am thankful for collaborative teammates in and outside of Brokaw. Vendors are great partners who become an extension of our team.”

Tim Laubacher – “I’m thankful for clients willing to think differently to help their brands stand out and win.”

Ted Boyer – “I’m thankful for productivity tools like Notion that make organizing to-do’s and projects super simple, as well as a creative team of people to use these tools with!”

Mark McKenzie – “Thankful to GLBC for making my son’s leukemia fundraiser a huge success. (And also for their Blackout Stout. That stuff is money.)”

Mike Krueger – “I am thankful for Photoshop’s content aware fill tool (and its improvement with the latest version of Photoshop). It is magic. You can literally make a rabbit disappear from a hat with a few clicks.”

John Naegele – “I am thankful for great clients. And I am really thankful for vendors who are true partners and help us create very successful outcomes.”

The Bros – “We’re thankful for all of our past and current clients, vendors, and employees who have helped us build the best agency in the world. (According to our moms.)”

Bill Brokaw – “I’m grateful for my BroSons.”


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, everyone!

– Your forever-grateful friends at Brokaw.

’Tis the season to reflect on everything for which we are thankful.

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