It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a copywriter in a polyester blend!

The filming of Captain America shut down a major thoroughfare of downtown Cleveland this week, creating palpable frustration from our generally chipper citizens. But also creating an opportunistic moment for our transit system to flex its super powers. Enter, Captain RTA! Who hit the ground sauntering this week with free RTA rapid passes for all (NOTE: for all you non-Cleveland folk, the rapid is like a train-subway, or a “trubway,” if you will). And according to The Atlantic, Captain RTA steered a campaign with all three habits of a highly effective brand:

  1. Find the universal truth. Clevelanders are…less than thrilled…about being met with road clot after road clot.
  2. Give it purpose. Save the city from vein-popping, heart-stopping road rage with free rapid passes! If nothing else, we’ll give them a much-needed chuckle.
  3. Make it an experience. He’s not just crossing the median and swooping through your local news—he’s all over your national webercoms, too.

So take some advice from the man with the inner-thigh padding and turn that congestion into a call to action! Or just do whatever that other brand is doing. No one can even tell the difference.

Speaking of not being able to tell the difference, we have ScarJo stunt doubles to pine after.