This time of year has people making lists: the best and worst dressed, pages of resolutions, numbering Browns wins (hey, that one’s short), and of course, “what to watch for.” Here are some tech talking points for 2018.

Mobile first

The past year finally saw mobile browsing surpassing desktop browsing. This totally changes how we address the oldest rule in web design: (say it with me) content is king. And of course it is—words are important, as you, a person currently reading words, may attest.

But when you jump into laying out your project, leaving a bunch of “Pleff lorem” in your wake, you can capitalize on the newer, more specific experience of using a mobile browser. Hopefully 2018 will see a more disciplined push for designers and brands to consider the phone and design around it accordingly.

Scratch that, content still comes first

I hope I didn’t speak too soon. Of course the medium matters. And the way you structure words will have a tremendous impact on how they are perceived. But when it comes to what you’re actually saying? Very important.

Thankfully, established and replicable design patterns are putting more emphasis on content, thus improving storytelling. When you can spend less time on structure and more time on the content that makes it come to life, everything shines. And you can trust that I know what I’m talking about, because I used “thus” in this paragraph.

Illustration, video, and animation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture at 30fps is worth 30,000 words per second. Math! We can use animation to guide, enrich, and entertain with considerably more impact.

The downsides of animation have been dependable compatibility and speed bottlenecks. Even though things are a bit more uncertain due to the recent net neutrality ruling, mobile and desktop speeds are ever-increasing and available for most, and browsers are far more consistent in shared standards.

And let’s be honest: Brokaw’s sister company, Favorite Brother, is pretty awesome at motion stuff, so we’re excited about the potential of this point.

Non-gimmicky tech

Be it insane parallax experiments that make people sick or some good ol’ VR bowling to supplement, real life bowling, tech can start off in some weird places.

Luckily, the good stuff tends to transition from fun novelty to useful gadgets. Some notable technologies that seem poised to continue their evolution include voice recognition, virtual assistants, and possibly virtual reality (and until then, can someone please figure out a way to not make it look so dorky).

Have a trendy weekend, everybody!

– Your forecasting friends at Brokaw.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture at 30fps is worth 30,000 words per second.

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