A wise man (or dumb British band) once said, “Oh-a oo, I met your children. Oh-a-oh, what did you tell them? Video killed the radio star. Video killed the radio star. Pictures came and broke your heart. Oh-a-a-a oh.”

Now we have no idea how these crazy Brits would’ve met our children, or what exactly “oh-a-a-a oh” means, but we do know this: they were right on the money about the significance of video.

In fact, according to a recent study by Nielsen, the average American is watching video on the worldwide interweb three more hours per month this year compared to last year. In addition, they’re now watching videos on their smartphones 20 more minutes per month than a year ago.

But to connect to this growing audience, you need more than just video content. You need great video content…QUICKLY! (CHOP! CHOP!)

After all, you’re competing with Kardashians, Curry, LeBron, FIFA scandal, #BreloVerdict, Single Ladies set to the Duck Tales theme song, along with 38 trillion pages of web content, according to Uncle Google. Not to mention, the days of flying to L.A., N.Y, or Vancouver for a big two-week $2M production shoot are going the way of Don Draper  (“I’d like to buy the world a Coke…”).

Which explains why we recently started up a new sister company (more like a “brother company”) to help clients quickly and cost-effectively create compelling motion graphics, design, and video content. Sorry about the shameless plug


…but don’t blame us.

In the chilling words of The Buggles 35 years ago… “We can’t rewind we’ve gone too far. Put the blame on the VCR.”