Pre-roll video—the ads viewers love to skip! According to a study by IPG Media Lab, 65% of viewers skip pre-roll ads before they are complete. For a :15 ad, the average time to skip is 5.5 secs. For a :30 ad, the average is 7.4 secs.

And yet, according to that same study, U.S. ad spends for digital video are expected to double by 2020. Why? Because attention to pre-roll ads is very high regardless of ad length. So even if consumers do eventually skip your message, pre-roll is positively impacting brand recall.

65% of viewers skip pre-roll ads before they are complete.

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What would really improve brand recall is if viewers didn’t skip your pre-roll (duh). Wait…is that even possible? Well first, you’d need to strategically place pre-roll ads where the desired audience may entertain an interruption. And then, you’d have to create relevant, entertaining, un-blah content that captures your viewers’ attention in a matter of seconds.

Kind of like these three pre-roll videos we just haven’t been able to skip:

GEICO’s “unskippable” ad series literally crushes its video ads.

– Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Turntable Pils spot has us thirsty (and mildly dizzy).

– And Cayman Jack makes handcrafting a margarita nearly instantaneous.

(Now, if only we could skip the rest of this Friday and get straight to 5 o’clock…)

Have an unskippably great weekend, everybody!
– Your pre-and-post-roll-loving friends at Brokaw.