Stop working on that flying car prototype. And put away that jetpack starter kit. The future is here—and it’s glorious! Between our phones, laptops, and iTablets, we barely need our brains anymore!

Yes, it’s exciting to be alive in 2013. But as humans in the awesome digital days (A.D.D.), we also deal with a constant stream of tweets, emails, Likes, Pins, Diggs, GIFs…lol, sorry, where was I? And unfortunately, in the end, there isn’t much grey matter left to absorb a “message from our sponsor.”

As Business Week points out,

“Creativity has always been the coin of the realm, but in our time-starved culture—it’s truer than ever.”

Which means as marketers, we need to be even stealthier at taking our core message, whittling it down, and polishing it up—creating a clear net impression that will permeate, and ideally, perma-seal a reputation with our consumers.

Even this poor bloke will tell you, greatness comes from “making the ordinary extraordinary.” It’s a simple message delivered in a sexy package. And that advice rings true whether you’re selling toys, burritos, or even a hauntingly beautiful public safety message.

Basically, if you want to leave a mark—keep it smart and simple, folks. Because the average brain today has the attention span of a <<bzzz!>> was that a text? Oh, a meeting request…well, hello the Internet!