Philanthropy is often described as giving of your “time, talent and treasure.” In an effort to humanize their brands, many companies default to the latter. They fork out some money for a good cause, slap their logo all over it, and promote, promote, promote. Doesn’t exactly give you the feels.

However, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, brands have really stepped up, pledging upwards of $160 million to relief efforts. (The tallies are still running for Irma.) And according to disaster relief pros, cash donations are the best way to streamline efforts and avoid donation disasters like this…

While they may have some trouble getting in and out of disaster zones, it’s worth noting a few brands that are making a valiant attempt to assist those in need:


Established during Hurricane Katrina, Tide’s Loads of Hope is back on the road again bringing laundry services out to people who may only have the clothes on their backs.


Airbnb is offering “urgent accommodations.” The brand is waiving all service fees for those affected by the disaster who check in between August 23, 2017 and September 25, 2017.



In addition to pledging money and sending out drones to help assess damage, Allstate has set up mobile claims centers around the perimeter of the affected area to help families figure out how to get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Is all this talk of brands doing good tugging on your heartstrings? If so, check out this article from Consumer Reports to maximize the impact of your own charitable contributions.

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