Moments. Tiny moments. More than 100 tiny meaningful moments with our mobile devices every day. It’s been just under a year since Google’s Micro-Moment was deemed a game changer – and it has lead to marketers applying the concept in some pretty literal ways.

Role of Mobile:

Think about the fleeting interactions you have with your phone on a daily basis. You snap pictures of yourself. You ask questions. You watch a how-to video. You snap more pictures of yourself. Then you share them online. Then you…ok, you get it.

Role of Mobile in Action:

So that’s when LG was like, “yeah, we know we’re integral to all your micro-moments, so we’re going to remind you in a commercial starring a multi-talented mega-star.”  And that’s exactly what they did. In fact, here’s the extended “In-Between Moment” campaign for more warm, fuzzy, mega-star-filled greatness.

Role of Brands:

It’s no secret the customer journey has become incredibly fragmented. Our attention spans are a whopping 8 seconds. (See last week’s blog post.) We speak in acronyms (or WSIA.) Our phones interrupt everything. So all these factors force brands and marketers alike to respond in real time.

Role of Brands in Action:

A brand that’s really nailed this whole “real time thing” time and real time again is Autotrader. With so many variables at play, picking the right vehicle can be hard. Thanks to Autotrader’s One Search, a few life moments and a mobile device can help you see the big picture…and your perfect car.

So, while all of these real-time moments can feel overwhelming, they also create opportunities for brands to shape decisions. We all have a mom or aunt or grandma who is constantly reminding us that “it’s the little moments that mean the most.” Well, it’s time for brands to start helping with all those little moments—in a big, big way.