It’s August. Which means back-to-school is right around the corner and parents everywhere are rejoicing. While most kids spent their summer vacation playing Pokémon Go! and terrorizing their siblings, a select few were hard at work crafting the next national campaign of a retail giant.

ICYMI, Target did some amazing stuff with their back-to-school campaign this year. The brand handed over all aspects of the campaign creation to kids between the ages of 8 and 17. From storyboarding and writing, to casting and directing, kids took total command. Check it out:

Advertisers seem to be using kids in their spots more and more lately. Why? Because America loves kids! When consumers associate your brand with cute kids who make them laugh, they’re going to link those good vibes to your product. Think about it—whether it was Nationwide’s kids in frustrating situations or AT&T’s classroom questions, you remembered these spots (and probably shared the videos with your friends on Facebook.)

Why we love the campaign:

Instead of only focusing on the “funny” or “cute kid” factors, Target showed they cared. They didn’t just say they believed in the potential of kids and all the amazing things they’re capable of, but they actually proved it by handing over the creative reins—a risk not many CEO’s are willing to take.

So, as you’re brainstorming for 2017 campaigns, remember to think outside the coloring box. Be genuine. Real. Take risks. Plan a “bring your child to work” day. It could be exactly what your brand needs to rise above the blah blah.