You have to get your message across in 140 characters or less. Simple, you think. You’ve written emails with 140 words. You’ve read books with over 140 pages. 140 characters? Pshhhh. What could go wrong?

A lot. And the thousands (maybe millions of people) who engage with your post will be sure to point out any missteps you might make. But have no fear! We’re here to help you go from next week’s big viral gaffe to the unquestioned messaging-mastering captain of concision. Starting with SMH mistakes that you should avoid so that your post can cruise through the twittersphere and blogsphere without taking a nosedive into infamy.

Snarky Community Management – You don’t have to dig too deep to find Wendy’s quick-witted replies to some more colorful customers on Twitter. Sure these engagements get a laugh, but the fast food giant is just one tweet away from a PR disaster.

If you’re looking for some spirited, but friendly, back-and-forth with your followers, consider the occasional clap back. Done well, this is a great way to get into the good graces of social media followers. Cleveland sports Twitter pages do a great job of interacting with fans and other teams.

Simple Grammar Mistakes – Once something is posted on the internet, it lives forever, where it will inevitably meet up with the always-on-the-prowl grammar police, waiting to pounce on your brand for using the improper form of “your.” Pro tip: read your tweet aloud before you post to keep would-be critics at bay.


Sexist Social Media Marketing – It’s 2017. So by now, we should all know to proof, double proof, and triple proof anything being published online. But we should also think about how our audience will respond to our content. Don’t be like Sprite with their 2016 #BrutallyRefreshing campaign.

Think about how you can empower groups, not objectify them. Promoting women’s health and wellness with a fun campaign, like #WomanUp, doesn’t put down a certain gender. It embraces it, using advertising to help save lives.


Clickbait – As we pointed out last week, give users stuff that’s meaningful. Social medialites want information they can use, content that will make them laugh, and posts that can inspire, not hokey cliffhanger questions that will plunge them down a rabbit hole to nowhere.

Influencers Copy and Pasting Emails – Influencers, we know that you must disclose your sponsored posts, but please don’t do so with a copy-and-paste caption.

The best way to be straight with your followers is to take advantage of all the keys on your keyboard. Not just “ctrl+c” and “ctrl+v.”


Have a great, social media-filled weekend, everyone!
-Your peering-from-behind-their-hands friends at Brokaw.

Once something is posted on the internet, it lives forever.

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