“A new idea is nothing more nor less than a new combination of old elements.” -James Webb Young, A Technique for Producing Ideas
“The more elements (you) have to combine, the more ideas (you) can create.” -Jack Foster, How to Get Ideas

It stands to reason that, if you’re an advertising or marketing professional-type person, you need to be able to generate and recognize great ideas. And based on the quotes above by idea-getting experts, generating and recognizing those great ideas means having a working knowledge of a lot of, well, stuff (elements).

One way to do this: seeing and experiencing great things. The latest and greatest of great things. And thankfully, we’re entering the time of year when everyone is putting together a Best Of list. Making it easy to peruse the greatest of the latest.

What follows is a very small starter list of Best Of lists. So you can easily peruse what might be worth seeing/hearing/experiencing as 2013 comes to a close.


The Onion’s A.V. Club does a short, quality synopsis of the year’s top albums.

And Metacritic aggregates multiple Best Of music lists into one, constantly updating, Best Of Best Of.

(Side note: Sometimes, it also helps to recognize a Worst Of. Nickelback warning!)


Rotten Tomatoes, the go-to resource for the cinema-obsessed, exhaustively (and somewhat boringly) lists the top-rated films of 2013.

While Film.com does it in a way more exciting video countdown format.


Time Magazine runs down the best of what they consider an amazing year in television.

While tv.com left it up to its readers to tell you who to choose as your new couch companion.


Don’t forget, podcasts are the new talk radio! And we’ll once again lean on the Onion’s A.V. Club to tell us what we may consider listening to on our cross-country holiday drives to visit our Great Aunt Liz.

So, get out there and see the elements everyone is talking about. You’ll be more interesting at parties, be better at your job, and will totally get references to sweet ’80s movies reenacted in five seconds by bread.