In this day and age of instantaneous, reactionary, and usually harsh feedback (see: all of the Internet), it’s nice to get some honest and thoughtful feedback on what you do. Which is why we’re so grateful to everyone who participated in last week’s “Do you even like this newsletter? Survey.”

The general consensus: You like us! You occasionally, kind of like us! Which is more than any weekly, possibly-unasked-for, e-blast newsletter could ever wish to be.

And we want you to know that we’re listening. We’re listening so much. Because while about 88% of you said we should keep delivering these brain-busters once a week (and thanks so much for keeping us on the hook for that, sheesh), the freestyle “additional comments” section provided some even more enlightening insights. For example:

“…stop tooting your own horn so blatantly” lets us know that maybe we need to stop complimenting ourselves so often for being so cool, witty, and generally adorable. And that will begin next email. We promise.

Whereas, feedback like, “you should conduct a training seminar to help other newsletter authors improve their propaganda” tells us, hey, we’re doing okay! And maybe we should look into renting out poorly-lit conference rooms at nearby suburban hotels for symposiums/pyramid schemes.

And then there’s: “I wish you’d spend more time working on our account.” –said one of our favorite clients who shall remain anonymous (Sorry, Steve, but we swear…all newsletters are written after hours. Double pinky swear.)

But feedback like this illustrates the value of really listening (with giant ear goggles) and finding out where you stand. It’s why our industry relies on consumer research, market analysis, and creative testing (shudder) as much as it does.

So, thanks to 100% of our respondents. From the 30% who wish what they’re presently reading was either more educational or entertaining. To the 70% who just like being, you know, edu-tained.

And if you’re interested (read: bored), you can check out all the survey results, including impressive-looking charts and graphs, right here. Because we’re so transparent. And generally adorable, right? Dang it! Again with the horn-tooting! Sorry. That ends next week. We promise.