In the world of marketing, we throw the word “aspirational” around a lot. “We want to be an aspirational brand.” “Let’s talk about who consumers aspire to be.” But why not embrace who we truly are now…as brands and consumers?

In 2004 (what seems like eons ago), Dove rolled out its Campaign for Real Beauty and caused quite a stir. But 13 years later, that same campaign concept is still evolving—with (wo)man-on-the-street #beautybias interviews and an effort with photographer Mario Testino to feature #realbeauty women ages 11 to 71 from 15 countries around the world.

Their recipe for ongoing consumer connectivity? Two things…

1. LEARNING THE FACTS. Dove hasn’t succeeded without serious lifestyle immersion work.

2. GETTING REAL. That’s right. Peel back the onion and unearth those not-so-pretty human truths.

So why all the chatter about an age-old campaign that everybody knows about? Well, there’s a new guy (or gal) in town using the same secret recipe, and they’re killing it. Click on the video below from Organic Valley and see how their “breakfast in a bottle” campaign is getting to the heart of some REAL pain points…in a blunt, fun-poking, L-O-L sort of way.

And like Dove, they have hard facts to support their case for a breakfast alternative. Check out the Real Morning Report research that inspired this campaign, and while you’re at it…participate in the poll! In the meantime, we’ll be spending copious amounts of free time “journaling in our journaling nooks.” If you’re interested in seeing some of Brokaw’s “get real” work, check out our campaign for University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center. Real doctors, reading real letters, from real patients. For the very first time.

Wishing you a perfectly, imperfect weekend.

– Your real life e-friends friends at Brokaw.

PS – Speaking of keeping it real…it wouldn’t be right to sign off without acknowledging one of our favorite holidays. If you’re in the area, stop by to play St. Patrick’s Day Brokaw Bingo!


Why not embrace who we truly are now…as brands and consumers?

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