By Brokaw Account Director, Jayme Kostelnik

This past holiday, my colleagues and I each received an awesomely unexpected gift from Tim and Gregg Brokaw: an Amazon Echo Dot named Alexa. And while I’m still discovering all the ways she can help me around the house…Alexa, set a timer. Alexa, play Cyndi Lauper. Alexa, add this to my grocery list…I couldn’t have expected that—a month into having his own Alexa—I’d catch Tim saying,

“My kids talk to Alexa more than me.”


Not to be outdone, a colleague chimed in,

“Well, I feel like my husband left me for Instagram.”

Of course, this got me reflecting on an important topic: is technology ruining our relationships?

I’ll be the first to admit, as an ad agency, we’re certainly happy about the technological devices and advancements that help us plan better, work smarter, and target advertising as creepily (err, precisely?) as possible. But during this Hallmark holiday week of love, let’s not mistake the average adult’s 28 hours/week of TV viewership as quality time on the couch with their sig-o. And making eye contact while you text doesn’t count either.


So, as we approach the weekend, let’s make a promise to use technology to connect, rather than disconnect, with the people around us. Or maybe we set down that altogether for the night and just have a good old-fashioned chat. Having trouble remembering what that sounds like? Here, let this TED talk bring you back to perfect form.

Have a happy analog-heavy weekend, everyone!

–Your face-to-face friends at Brokaw.