By Brokaw Account Executive, Zorina Kennedy

File this under “Everything is Advertising.” Because sometimes, a creative solution isn’t an ad at all. But like any creative idea, it requires a leap of faith (and a stomach for risk) to introduce it into the world.

Take it from Burger King who is now selling Whoppers with black buns. According to Burger King, they’ve baked A.1. Sauce right into their buns which turned the buns black. This aesthetic and flavor change to the classic Whopper bun is causing a commotion amongst BK fans and also amongst competitors who can’t reciprocate in shock value.


Of course, unexpected solutions of the black bun variety only achieve ROI if you put some TLC into your strategic approach. Consider how your audience is emotionally connected to your brand. Can you take a risk while remaining true to who you are? How will your audience feel, and how will they talk about you?

Oftentimes, when it comes to risk tolerance, the proof is in the pudding. Or soup. Consider what Keurig and Campbell’s Soup have done by creating soup pods. Turns out more than 80% of people who buy Keurig pods also buy Campbell’s Soup which creates a theoretical win-win. For Keurig, they’ve positioned their products to produce something other than beverages. And for Campbell’s Soup, the convenience factor of warming soup without a stovetop or microwave is valuable.


We’ll just have to remember to rinse our machines, so we don’t end up with chicken flavored dark roast.