Cartoon. Animation. What’s the difference? Is motion design a fancy millennial term for cartoon? Not to be the proverbial fist-shaker, but anything animated isn’t necessarily for kids. Nor does it make brands look childish.


Every now and then, this comes up—whether from clients or from my East Coast relatives telling everyone I “make cah-toonz” for a living.

Take a look at the new McDonald’s TV campaign “Archenemies.

Wait, didn’t Oreo do that a year ago? Yes, yes they did. Regardless, there’s a reason why McDonald’s closely mimicked another hugely successful campaign. Because it was hugely successful. And it made everyone want an Oreo (which is the point of advertising). Plus, let’s face it—the perfectly diverse 20-somethings on a random red couch was just not working.

Animation can be used in such brilliant, emotional ways to enhance brand messaging and to relate to consumers with bold, fresh, memorable content. We could all use a little more cah-toonz, ahem, animation in our life.