It’s a big week in Cleveland sports. Our very own WINdians hosted a playoff game yesterday—the first in three years. The Cavs, our beloved NBA champs, beat Orlando in their preseason debut on Wednesday. And this Sunday, our Brownies will suit up against the Patriots for Tom Brady’s return. Thankfully, our office is nearby for some post-game reflections:


I’m tellin’ ya, it’s an emotional roller coaster around here these days. And creating a connection with sports fans takes work. Sure, some fandom is tied to a team’s record. After all…


But fan loyalty that endures? You can earn it or create it.


Let’s step out of Cleveland for an insane moment at last week’s Ryder Cup where Team USA and Team Europe battled it out in Minnesota. Do I know who won the tournament? Yes. We did. But do I care, when all I will remember of it is the emotional taunting of Rory Mcllroy, Patrick Reed, and the crowd on this hole? When did golf become so entertaining?

And while I could find 349,789,327,492 clips of Lebron James dazzling fans on the court (no matter the final score), he’s earned respect through his rise to becoming one of the most charitable athletes in the world. You’ve got to appreciate a Be Good, Do Good approach.


As for creating fandom, we’re pretty experienced at that. Whether it’s to build the Indians’ Tribe:


Or through our Brokaw Fantasy Football Friends league. Which has me competitively watching many more football games each week than I otherwise would.


As for the latest and greatest sports fan feature? How about a first of its kind 49ers + Amazon Prime partnership with one hour deliveries to tailgating lots around the stadium. It’s OK to be jealous. I am.