It’s only natural to become numb to something once you’ve experienced it enough. You know, like Ramen noodles after a week. Reggae after two songs. Advertising after a lifetime. (Yeah, that’s right. I said it.)

But it’s true, many consumers are numb to advertising. And in their defense – it’s EVERYWHERE. So how can your brand get their attention? Well, we think the key to getting the most out of your message, may be (wait for it…) less messaging. (Boom! Mind blown!)

It’s called minimalist marketing, and some brands have it down to a science. They’re able to say everything they want to say with smart, simple ads that break through the sales pitch clutter. (Or as we at Brokaw affectionately refer to as the “blah blah.”)

For example, when Apple isn’t sending out unnecessary iTunes updates, they’re winning the TV with spots like this:

And even though these two Lego pieces cost $45, this ad is copy-free – and still gets a powerful message across.

So you see, sometimes less truly is more. And with all this simplicity in mind, I’ll stop typing now.