In case you haven’t heard, TV viewers across the nation have declared Siri and Cookie Monster a match made in heaven.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Siri had a serious “Crush” on Jamie Foxx, but it seems her newfound relationship with a googly-eyed monster is gaining more traction. “Why are the sparks a-flyin’?” you ask?

In 2015, UXmatters published the results of a voice-recognition technology study conducted by user experience design grad students at our very own Kent State University. A few interesting things…

  • Siri is primarily used for peer-to-peer communication and simple information retrieval
  • The various ways Siri can be of assistance are not fully understood
  • Some people shy away from using Siri because, well, talking to your phone is super awkward

Knowing all this, Jamie Foxx asking Siri “how do I look?” demonstrates a pretty unlikely use case for the average Joe.

Cookie Monster, on the other hand, hit on a more relatable, utilitarian consumer need with his “Siri set timer” and “Siri check timer” requests. In fact, over 60% of people use voice/search commands because “they’re useful when my hands or vision are occupied.” (Insert visual of ingredient-covered, furry blue fingers here.) Cookie Monster’s, “Hey Siri, play me waiting playlist” command also capitalizes on validated consumer interest in a connection between voice/search commands and music.

Use cases aside, let’s talk street cred. While both Jamie Foxx and Cookie Monster have equal love by Facebook standards with over 9.3MM followers each, Cookie Monsters has been an educational resource in American homes for nearly half a century. He makes learning fun and easy. He makes the unfamiliar familiar. And most importantly, HE MAKES COOKIES!

Now, we suggest you kick back with a glass of milk, some warm, ooey-gooey cookies, and the 2MM plus viewers who have already indulged in this spectacular outtake reel: