This week, the 2014 NFL Combine wrapped up in Indianapolis. It not only showed us that QB Johnny Football Manziel can talk big even if he measures small, but it also taught us a little something about our industry.


What the NFL Combine can teach your brand:

  1. Set big, lofty—but honest—expectations. (Like Kent State’s own Dri Archer.) And make sure you have the ability to back them up or else. Umm, Apple, we’re looking at you. Will Samsung live up to the hype?
  2. Building a strong brand doesn’t always mean being the fastest. Look, the only sprint some of these guys are winning is to the buffet (zing!), but they can move the needle—or a 225 pound bar. Building brand equity in the minds of consumers will give you the strength to move the market.
  3. Speed may not be everything, but agility is key. Whether weaving through the three-cone drill in less than seven seconds or having the ability to leverage an unexpected opportunity through social media, agile brands are winning brands. Oreo’s nimbleness is not an accident.

So what are you waiting for? Get your brand in shape. Draft day is only 69 days away. Unless you’re talking about the other Draft Day—which is only 42 days away, right Costner?