It’s 2007. Britney just shaved her head. Steve Jobs is changing the world with the O.G. iPhone. And Crocs are gotta-have-it footwear. (I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about how my mom let me get both lime green AND yellow pairs.)

Then 2008 hit, and Crocs went from HOT to NOT faster than you can say “perforated rubber clog.” But 11 years later, they’re making a major comeback—and teaching valuable lessons about brand evolution.

  1. Be resilient.

Rihanna put it best: “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” Crocs have survived their share of trials and tribulations, like studies claiming they’re bad for your feet or being coined the Nickelback of footwear (sorry, Chad Kroeger). We would’ve understood if they called it quits. But they endured the hate and showed true resilience—which makes them more respectable than ever before.

  1. One-Size Does Not Fit All.

The company recognized that The Classic Clog didn’t fit everyone’s style. But instead of pulling a Prince Charming-style search party to hunt for their rubber-slipper Cinderellas, Crocs created styles for everyone.

Going to formal? Croc high-heels will ensure you’re the life of the party. Recovering from surgery? Crocs Rx* are podiatrist recommended. Heck! You want to run a marathon? Crocs will have you making headlines.

  1. Be true to yourself.

Crocs know they’re not the sexiest shoe on the planet, so they don’t try to be.  And they don’t think you should try to be anyone else either. (They even made a musical about it.) Crocs rule over the realm where high-function meets comfort. And wouldn’t the whole world benefit if everyone were unapologetically themselves? 

So you can fight me all you want, but I’ll stand by (and in) my Crocs. Because Crocs have taught us to rise above the bullies, invite everyone to the party, and have shown us the value of being yourself. Which are some pretty important lessons coming from a hunk of foot plastic that, IMHO, deserve all the runway love in the world.

Have a Croc-ed out weekend, everyone!

– Your high-arched friends at Brokaw

Because Crocs have taught us to rise above the bullies, invite everyone to the party, and have shown the value of being yourself.

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