With over 250,000 unique podcasts, in over one hundred different languages, and over 1 billion subscribers, you have no more excuses.  It’s time to catch the trend train.

Apple says that podcasts have always been a successful category for iTunes. In fact, listenership has grown steadily nearly every year. Now I could blabber on about Serial and how it single-handedly resurrected the medium back into the mainstream in 2013, but you can just download a podcast, like The Serial Serial, to listen to podcasters podcast about the podcast.

So how can this renaissance of audio entertainment keep its momentum? Easy. Ads. According to The Wall Street Journal, advertisers are expected to spend about $35.1 million on podcasts this year, up about 2% from last year. Brands like SquareSpace, Dollar Shave Club, NatureBox, MeUndies, Blue Apron, and many more invest in podcasters that fit their brand image, that do a great job selling to their audience, because they are their audience. Whether these podcasters record in a fancy studio or their grandma’s basement next to a plate of hot pockets, they are real-life personalities, actual human people (not actors and not voice artists) that are helping tell a brand’s story.

The best part about this consumer-made advertising is that no two ads are alike. And more often than not, you can hear an authentic connection in the host’s voice between themselves and the product.  They buy the razors they are selling. They love the snacks they are describing. Many of these advertiser+podcaster combinations are such a match made in heaven that you won’t even want to skip ahead through the ads when you have the option to.

So get casting! Here are a few of my favorites to start: