The holidays are upon us, which means Santa is up to his ears in reindeer food, wrapping paper, and buckets of Hatchimals. Meanwhile, the social media marketing world speeds ahead like Rudolph with a tailwind. So to help out the big guy, I’ve stepped in to suggest some additions to 2017’s naughty and nice list as it applies to brands.


The Naughty List


Most brands have a Black Friday social post scheduled and set at least a month in advance. McDonald’s did and it was probably McGreat. But they forgot to write post copy and provide a link, blemishing their timeline with this lump of copy-less coal: 

A reminder: write your posts and check them twice!


NPR’s Facebook followers are used to seeing the latest news in their feeds. So when they were given a play-by-play of one mysterious “Ramona,” there was understandable confusion.

Of course, people quickly became riveted and the post went viral, even as the news organization revealed that the account of Ramona’s feline friends was intended for a personal Facebook page.

While this is my favorite—and the most adorable—fail, it’s still important for community managers to make sure they’re posting to the correct account.

The Nice List

GE Lighting

It’s better to give than to receive (at least according to every seasonal throw pillow). In obeying that platitude, GE Lighting surprised customers who used the hashtag #HDLighted with free HD light bulb packs. And delighted they were. What better way to deck the halls than with high-quality, transformative light?




The rental platform filled rooms and hearts this year. Their #WeAccept campaign made an appearance in a Super Bowl commercial and was extended to their social media pages. It featured people of all ethnicities and backgrounds, and each caption told a story of acceptance.

In a year that was polarizing and often demoralizing, a message of unity was a nice break from the rest of 2017.  

So, Santa, while your work is clearly cut out for you, I hope this helped. See you Christmas Eve—I’d love to get your thoughts on that Fyre Festival dumpster fire.

Have a well-behaved weekend, everybody!

-Your holly jolly friends at Brokaw.

In a year that was polarizing and often demoralizing, a message of unity was a nice break from the rest of 2017.

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