INDISPUTABLE FACT: winter is a difficult time of the year to be a hopeful, positive person. Factors like the post-holiday crummies (a really real medical term), crappy weather, already-failing New Year’s resolutions, and circulating seasonal colds combine to make us bro-bros a bit cranky. Thankfully, there are still ways to brighten your spirits in spite of all the suck.

Pay it forward in 2017. This upcoming Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. One way to feel rather rad: honor this incredible man by engaging in your community or educating others.

Get inspired. Pump yourself full of encouragement. Try following motivational brands like GoPro and Lululemon on Instagram. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up planning a mind-broadening trip to a festival, or climbing a mountain, or taking up a new, healthy habit to help relax your mind and body.


Do your research. Check out SoulPancake’s popular series The Science of Happiness or some stellar examples of ways to increase your overall optimism. Or just take the advice of some friendly, neighborhood neuroscientists.

Go see a movie. Sometimes, beating the blahs is as simple as seeing a flick. Hey, it works for the Canadians! Sure, their top pick-me-up movies are Dumb & Dumber and Legally Blonde—but you don’t have to mirror their taste. Watch an award-winning movie. Or heck, watch an adorable baby person.

Maybe the best news: our days are getting longer and our nights shorter. All we have to do is hang in there for another three (or if you happen to live in Cleveland…five) months.

Have a cortisol-free weekend, everybody!

-Your always-sunny friends at Brokaw.