Looks like science has finally caught up with what we’ve been saying for years: humor works. (Thanks, eggheads!)

According to Ad Age’s Jack Neff this week, a team of scientists at AT&T just wrapped up a three-year study of 370 painstakingly coded ads (sounds hilarious) to determine what type of humor helps make advertising break through. Turns out laughs are effective at driving recall, brand favorability, and likeability. They even found that “humor deemed clever, sarcastic, or snarky tends to outperform ads with silly humor.”

Why? Easy. Just like we’ve always said, humor is relatable. And it can be disarming, especially when it’s rooted in human truths. (You know, truths like, “I’d rather be watching hoops than working.”) So whether you’re selling beer, an electric razor, or even making a brand essence video (well, sort of), there’s always room for a laugh. It’s true—Uncle Research gave us the data to prove it.

And while big data can sometimes be a bit scary, if it proves laughter works, we’ll embrace it every time.