We believe all work—whether for our clients’ brands or our own “bro brand”—should be rooted in human truths. (Human what?)

A human truth is a unique insight into the relationship between a brand and a consumer. An insight that, when brought to life in a fresh, unique way can make your audience(s) say, “That is so true,” or “This brand gets me,” or if you’re really lucky… “OMG! LMAO! RETWEET! DOUBLE SMILEY FACE! 🙂 :)”

Whether you’re tapping into human truths around corporate life, or taking public transportation for the first time—your brand message (or “brand content” for you buzzword fanatics) is far more impactful when it speaks to your hyper-targeted audience in a way only they’d appreciate.

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to hop on board the human truth brand-wagon and create some “shareable content” and unique experiences that only your brand can own?

Speaking of hopping on board and unique brand experiences…Lolly the Trolley’s picking us up at 5 p.m. for our annual #brokrawl, if anyone’s interested in joining us in person or on the Twitter-sphere. (Wait a sec, whose idea was it to put a hashtag on this event? Oh, dear.)