A cow and a chicken walk into a bank. Have you heard this one? No? Of course you haven’t. Because banks and comedy aren’t usually paired together…especially in advertising. I mean, if you compare banking to categories like candy, pizza, and beer, it’s about as funny as Ben Stein in a coma. Or The English Patient on mute. Or Carrot Top.

But hey…that’s why WE LOVE BANKS!

Listen, we understand. Banks handle things like mortgages and 401(k)s, so it probably should be more serious. But let me ask you this…should it? I mean, this is a fully homogenized industry that avoids cut-through comedy like a crazy ex. To us, it sounds like a black-hole-sized opportunity for you to stand out. So how do you develop a unique comedic tone that does just that? Well, let’s take a look at how brands in a similar category are absolutely killing it…comedically speaking.

Insurance. What a snoozer, am I right? That said, insurance commercials are consistently some of the funniest out there. Everything from the always-clever GEICO, to the in-your-face and funny Allstate, to the Flo-tastic Progressive. Each brand has created a unique voice and personality that resonates with consumers in different ways—across different mediums. And if they can be bold, innovative, and funny, then dang it, so can banks. (We believe in you.)

So, why “funny”? What’s wrong with taking a more emotional, serious approach? (Cool it with the questions, Matlock. This is a blog.) Nothing’s wrong with it. It’s just that humor is the road-less-traveled in your category. Plus, when a viewer laughs at your commercial, they’ve officially engaged with your brand—which helps them remember you. And that’s why you advertise in the first place, right? To create a long-lasting, memorable relationship with consumers. (Side note: that’s kind of our specialty.)

So we hope you take our advice and develop a comedic voice for your bank. Mostly because we think it can do wonders for your brand. But also because we could use a punch line to the joke we set up at the beginning. Currently it’s just:“…and open a joint checking account.” (Rim shot!)

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Banks handle things like mortgages and 401(k)s, so they probably should be more serious. But let us ask you this…should they??

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