Yes, I’m a millennial. (Don’t worry, it’s okay to use the m-word now.) I’m full of 25 years of wisdom, have three instagram accounts and participate in daily gif exchanges with my fellow Gen Y-ers.

No, this isn’t a surprise game of two truths and a lie…I really am full of that infamous millennial insight…and I really do have three instagram accounts.

(Doesn’t everyone have an account just for selfies?!)

millennial at desk selfie

(Just kidding.)

Okay, okay, I know what some of you are thinking, but don’t worry—I’m not that kind of millennial—I understand the value in learning from my elders and working hard and blah blah blah. But I have recently taken a bit more pride in my millennial label. Apparently we’re a big deal—and that’s not just my millennial ego talking. We’re the largest generation in U.S. history, and a lot of us are already in our prime spending years. (#adulting)

In the advertising industry alone, millennials make up 44 percent of the workforce. Good news for you—because we tend to have heightened social consciousness and are more tech-savvy compared to other generations. Right, AdWeek? “Millennials tend to work across departments, tapping into broader expertise rather than struggling on their own in the hope of claiming the glory.” The article goes on to say something about our attitudes being famously frank and direct…fearlessly pitching ideas. Wait, did they just say we’re fearless and fabulous? (There goes my millennial ego again. #sorrynotsorry)

So not only are we influencing marketing decisions, we’re making them. And as part of this double-duty demographic, here are three tips your brand should employ to keep us from saying, “bye, felicia.”

tweet fails

Be authentic.

Don’t just say you’re authentic—be authentic. That means staying true to who you are and not using “bae” three times in one tweet.

Create an experience.

Whether its turning a bus stop into a ski lift or hiding gnomes in an airport, experiential marketing leaves a lasting impression and creates shareable moments.

Use influencers.

When done correctly, an influencer campaign can feel like word-of-mouth. Why should we hear what a brand says their product can do for us, when our peers can show us.

Don’t worry, it’s okay to use the m-word now.

So next time you notice FOMO affecting your marketing decisions, don’t forget to run it by the nearest millennial.

Happy #Friyay, everyone!
-Your Gen Y BFFs at Brokaw.

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Don’t worry, it’s okay to use the m-word now.

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