R Kelly must have been referring to updates in the media field when he sang “hot and fresh out the kitchen”.

Everyday, there is a new article or research study condemning one media vehicle over another (like this one or this one or this one or this one).

Conveniently, many of these studies are distributed by companies that have something to gain from the research.

AdWeak Twitter

This can lead to a lot of misconceptions—not to mention, overlooks the one thing that has always been true of a successful media plan…the right mix.

In a world where media consumption is more fragmented than ever, it is nearly impossible for one medium to be the true silver bullet in driving ROI. Every marketing vehicle has its strengths and weaknesses and the goal is to find the right mix to activate the audience throughout the purchase process.

And that’s where it all starts…with the audience. People don’t experience advertising as traditional and digital, it’s just advertising. And media planning, more than ever, requires a unified approach that spans traditional agency departments and disciplines.

TV and terrestrial radio still reign supreme when it comes to awareness and reach, but if you can activate those same people the next time they go online or check their favorite social site, now you’re cooking. And absolutely nothing will matter if the user experience is poor when a consumer finally visits your site.

So how do you achieve the right mix?

Start with the audience.

How and when are they consuming content? TV and radio don’t just exist in the traditional sense anymore, there is addressable, programmatic, streaming, and on-demand. Where are the opportunities to combine tactics for greater impact?

Consider your message.

Is there an opportunity to amplify it through a media placement? How can you create a unique experience for the message across media? Is there a medium where this message just won’t connect?

Maximize your budget.

What is the most cost-effective way to achieve your business goals, while limiting potential impressions wasted on disinterested audiences?

Finding the right mix is always a challenge, but it’s also what makes our jobs exciting, right? Just make sure you don’t believe every article you read (e.g. social is free, millennials don’t watch TV, print is dead!).

Skeptical Cat

No matter how you shake it, every business challenge and audience is unique, and that means your mix needs to be, too. And when things really get tough, sometimes it helps to take a break with a different type of mix (we recommend something with whiskey).

Don’t be afraid to mix it up, everybody!

In a world where media consumption is more fragmented than ever, it’s nearly impossible for one medium to be the silver bullet driving ROI.

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