Tears of joy, poop, say-no-evil monkey. Wait, you didn’t get that? Let us clarify…


It’s a fact—emojis are taking over the marketing world (especially today, #WorldEmojiDay). Brands like Bud Light, Women’s Health magazine, Banana Republic, and Oreo are using emojis to communicate with their audiences through a variety of ways. Emojis are being used in email subject lines, domain names, and social media—and it makes total sense, connecting to audiences simply by speaking their language.


According to a recent article, emojis represent a cultural shift toward a more visual form of communication, presenting brands with an opportunity to convey their messages even more creatively. Linguists agree, stating that emojis add a zing to communications, extending past our normal language, and making words more expressive.

Why would our culture shift toward more visual communication? According to an article by Fast Company, it might be influenced (shocker!) by the habits of us…technology users. With more users tapping into social media on their smartphones, researchers believe users are just discovering it’s easier to take a picture—or in this case, click on an emoji—as opposed to typing out a message.

Whatever the reason may be for the shift, brands are adapting their marketing communications to keep up. A more recent and personal favorite application of emojis was Chevrolet’s incorporation of the icons into a press release that described their 2016 Cruze because “words alone can’t describe it.” It’s pretty awesome.