Last Friday was a historical day, not just because gay marriage was legalized, but also because a bunch of powerful C-level suits across the country gave the green light to tweet out their company’s support of the decision—which in many cases, simply took the form of turning their logo into a rainbow…and slapping on the hashtag #LoveRules.

Amazing and heart-warming, indeed. And yes, a little opportunistic and self-serving. But then again, let’s be honest, what brand messaging isn’t really?

Besides, what a great, cost-effective way to promote your brand and get some free buzz, right? Right. That is, for those brands that truly understand real-time marketing—and can do it well. Unfortunately, for every brand success story, there’s a real-time marketing brand fail. So with that being said, we give you…

The best and worst brand posts on the marriage ruling…

starting with the friendly rainbow skies, of course.



Great visual. Solid copy. Good use of the pun. (If there is such a thing.)


Are you as confused as we are? What’s going on here? Are we missing something? Are those airplanes in love? Are they tail-to-tail for a reason? Do you want us to stop talking? Okay.




Absolut’s been successfully using their iconic bottle in their advertising for decades, why stop now. #SimpleIsAlwaysBetter



We have no idea what “We’re open” means. Same goes for “who-gives-asexual”?! But there’s an American flag in it, so it must be awesome, right? #SmirNoWay



Real, simple, tasteful, and yes, in all transparency, they are a client—so, of course it’s got to be the best.


Do you see the rainbow reflection on the bar? Neither did we the first time. Clever? Maybe. But don’t make the viewer work that hard. And please don’t brand one of the biggest, most historical rulings in our nation’s history as… Miller Time?!  Seriously?