It’s upon us again. April Fool’s Day. Which is particularly special to our shop, since it’s our 25th anniversary. (Our, ahem, silver anniversary if you’re struggling with what to gift us.) And as we’ve seen in past years, a lot of agencies and brands love April Fool’s Day. It’s the day they get to post and release crazy ideas to make us all gasp in disbelief.

“OMG! Kraft Mac & Cheese is releasing a sushi flavor!”

Or “Holy crap, Samsung made a phone out of actual kryptonite! I want one!”

Or…wait a second. It sounds like April Fool’s branding pranks are supposed to make us stop, pay attention, and reconsider a subject or brand for a second…

…and if the idea’s intriguing enough, share it with our friends and…

…hold up. This sounds like the ideal outcome for any ad.

So why the hell are we waiting for April Fool’s Day to act like fools, if acting a fool can be so effective?

Did Mother London wait until April Fool’s Day to put a giant boob on a building to make a statement about breastfeeding? No.

Did Carl’s Jr. hold off until April 1 to (wait for it) take boobs out of their advertising? Heck no.

Did Harley wait until the great prank day to release the #selfmet, where your likeness can wrap the entire helmet exterior? Well, yes, but I wish it was real and kind of want one.

The point is if the boldest ideas are the ones that get buzz, why are we afraid to make them realities and set them free the other 364 days of the year?

Let’s do it. Let’s make whiskey-flavored potato chips. Let’s put boobs on buildings. Let’s make cologne out of celebrities’ farts. And let’s watch everyone stop, pay attention, and share it like fools every day of the year.


Have a foolish weekend everybody,
– Your 25-year-old friends at Brokaw.