The face of PR is changing. Think about it, it’s two words put together that mean vastly different things than they did even a year ago.


  1. Public: The very notion of “public” is different. The PUBLIC meaning “people” has changed: we’re hungrier, we’re faster—we want MORE stuff, in MORE ways, and MORE places, than ever before. PUBLIC as in “They made that public” is dramatically different. EVERYTHING is public now (even personal finances as explored in this eye opening chat from Quartz blog.)
  2. Relations: Boy have we changed how we relate, right? From chat to Skype to Snapchat to Facetime to Yammer, every aspect of how we interact has changed. How we RELATE to celebrities, news organizations, and politicians—totally changed. Want to talk to Al Roker about his tie? Tweet him! Want to meet your local politician? Find out when her next Google Hangout is.


    The world of Public Relations has changed and will continue to do so. The old guard of media alerts, press releases, making nice with the local beat reporter, and moving and shaking with producers and publishers will never go away. But there’s so much more. As the public wants MORE, we have to do more. The stunts have to be less hollow. There has to be substance to our flash—not just spin. We have to realize that a 15-year-old girl making YouTube videos in her bedroom may have more power to relate to our audience than a celebrity on an evening entertainment show.

    We have to RELATE on multiple screens, in person, online, and streaming (always streaming). We have to turn over more stones, throw out the playbook, and diversify our approach. Through it all though, we have to remember that it all comes down to two core things (and only two):

    Public = Who are they? Where are they?

    Relations = How do we relate to them?

    Your friends at Brokaw are working every day to answer these questions, and re-answer them, as they continue to evolve. Hopefully, you can relate.