Over time, relationships can become monotonous, challenging, or short-lived as clients and agencies struggle to work together.

In account service, strong client relationships are absolutely everything. With mutual understanding, respect, and open communication, relationships can blossom. They can endure.

Strong client-agency relationships lead to better, bolder, more impactful work. Take it from Robert Solomon, author of the must-read “Art of Client Service” who wrote, “Clients are much more likely to do great work with people they trust.”


So, how can we build a stronger, long-lasting relationship together?

  • Collaboration: Let’s work together to get to the bottom of what you really need and determine how to measure success. An agency is here to define your challenges and objectives, and to develop a strategy to get you from A to C.
  • Practice patience: Give your agency time to connect the dots and to create the campaign that achieves the goals you set together. Great strategic creative takes time, so let’s plan ahead.
  • Value un-blah thinking: You may hesitate when an agency shows you something you’ve never done before. But trust that your agency has your best interest in mind and, at times, take a leap of faith.
  • It’s okay to show appreciation, or thank your agency, or even send them food. Yes, we gladly accept thanks in edible (or drinkable) form.