We live in complicated times.
News feeds filled with political vitriol.
Oscar envelopes filled with incorrect winners.
Every corner of our eyes filled with content marketing content and
e-newsletters spewing forth blah blah.
It all begs for a little space. (And puns!)

Without further ado, a clumsy soliloquy for the space bar:

Space bar! You slender devil!
Beseeched on all sides by myriad letters and numbers
and weird random keys with secret, unasked-for functions.
Unadorned by any symbol, thou art conspicuous in your simplicity!

Space bar! You’re the epitome of purpose!
In a world drawn and quartered by cross functionality,
you exist only to bring-eth sweet, essential space!
Deliver us from an era agog with #longassgodawfulhashtags!

Space bar! You ubiquitous rascal!
Indispensable to ‘erry keyboard! Monolith of the age of typed word!
Utilized with a frequency to drive other buttons to certain madness!
How might we better model-eth brands upon your character?

(P.S. – where do astronauts go to drink?)


Have a clickety-clackety weekend, everybody!

-Your saving-a-space-for-you friends at Brokaw.