The World’s Best Ad Agency according to Google is targeting digital media superstars with the goal of converting a brilliant hire.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build and optimize campaigns across multiple digital channels, including paid social
  • Use a DSP to plan and manage programmatic advertising
  • Identify and apply the most relevant and actionable media insights from syndicated consumer data
  • Manage analytics—from setting up tracking to analyzing campaign results
  • Serve as a thought leader on how technology is evolving marketing

Must Be

  • Proficient in programmatic media buying, with The Trade Desk experience a plus
  • Knowledgeable on each touchpoint’s strengths and potential role within the digital ecosystem
  • Analytical and data-driven, with the ability to propose simple creative solutions to help our clients’ marketing dollars make maximum impact
  • Experienced 3-5 years in relevant areas
  • Human — who shares our simple belief that as much as marketing has become a science these days with programmatic buys, AI, big data, and ROI-obsessed marketing boards, it’s still about engaging real people, not robots