As a woman (ahem, sorry men, this is for you too), it’s so exciting to see the move towards women empowerment. From P&G’s brilliant Throw Like a Girl video to the ongoing success of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign to bestsellers and box office hits like Hunger Games and Divergent, everyone’s all about “go women go” these days.

Here at Brokaw (aka Sis-kaw), we’re proud to say that we more than just support this latest trend, we’re contributing to it. In part, thanks to our recent “Woman Up” campaign for University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center—one of the top cancer centers in the world.

Our challenge? To connect with women through the type of education that reduces the paralyzing fear of a mammogram, rather than reinforcing it. And to encourage women to be more proactive in taking control of their own health.

How did we do it? Simple. We reminded women that in the scope of all we do and deal with on the daily (PMS, giving birth, waxing, juggling work and family—yes, we’re a bunch of tough ladies),  a mammogram is just one more thing. Our mantra: We are women. We can handle this. Get a mammogram.

As for getting the word out? A mix of traditional, digital, social, local marketing, and many grassroots tactics are being used to spread the word “woman to woman” that it’s time to woman up and get a mammogram.

Proof that Helen Reddy had it right even back in the seventies: “I am strong. I am invincible. I am women.” is a sentiment that still resonates and yes, sells.  (Go ahead, sing along. It’s ok, even you, men.)