Sure, we all know connecting with our audience has always been about knowing exactly who we’re talking to. And what we’re talking about. But now more than ever, (in today’s “#inline @ wholefoods” über-connected world) it’s when we deliver that message, too. That’s right, just like Mom used to say, timing is everything.

Some of us are relearning this lesson the hard way as events in Boston continue to unfold. (Sorry, Adweek.) During these kinds of tragedies, social media becomes a virtual town square where people gather to comfort each other—and nobody wants Uncle-drunk-sales-guy to come stumbling in hawking his wares. (Gross.) If you feel compelled to say anything on behalf of your brand during these times, keep it simple and tasteful.

Or better yet—if you haven’t done your research on what’s trending at the moment, don’t say anything. That would have been good advice for our favorite donut maker last summer. (Don’t worry, Entenmann’s—we’re still guilty of loving your crumb cake.)

But if you choose wisely, timing can work in your favor, too. And capture people at the exact, specific moment when they’re most receptive to your message. Like while sitting in a movie theater. Or on a certain day in November. Or even while you’re catching up on current events: