Every favorite uncle knows that the quickest way to your heart is through laughter. Whether they’re pulling coins from behind your ears or secretly telling you your first “I don’t understand, but I’ll laugh anyway” dirty joke, uncles use their comedic “talents” at awkward family get-togethers to (awkwardly) build long-lasting relationships with nieces and nephews. And it works – well, until you’re about 13.

It’s the same reason that brands and advertisers use humor – to create an emotional connection with the consumer. And just like with any good relationship, laughter is more than a solid foundation.

Because the moment the audience LOLs at your ad, they become involved in your brand. And as time goes on, each additional gut-buster feeds a brand-consumer platonic love affair that can last a lifetime. You know, like Thelma & Louise, but without the driving-off-the-cliff ending.

But of course, comedy isn’t all roses. When the audience laughs, you’re on top. And when they don’t, you’re Carrot Top. (Ba-dum ching! Tip your waitstaff!) So, here are some tips to make sure your brand humor is getting yucks, not yawns.

  • Play to your audience. (Dodge Durango + Will Ferrell = newsworthy sales.)
  • Develop a strong voice/character for your brand. (A little Mayhem, anyone?)
  • Keep the humor based in truth. (Or chapter three of How To Brokaw.)
  • And remember The Secret To Comedy.*

So, as you plan your next campaign, consider one that goes for guffaws, lands the laughs, and keeps the cackles coming. Because, like my uncle’s spot-on John Elway imitation, it’ll make a lasting impression on the audience.

*Now without further ado, I present you with The Secret To C…TIMING! (Thanks for that one, Uncle Kurt.)