Just got back from San Diego, where I attended the SHSMD annual conference (pronounced shush-med) to hear all that is hot in health care marketing, including referring to “patients” as “consumers.” Not exactly groundbreaking, but it makes sense in many ways, since families are now taking on more ownership of their own health, thinking more and more like consumers of health.

But consumers are still people. And there are things, at our core, that drive us, inspire us, and define us. Those are what we like to call at Brokaw “human truths”—the very insights that we seek to build creativity upon. Insights that resonate with consumers, err, people and make them feel and think “that is so true” or “this brand gets me.”

For a good human truthful example, see our latest campaign for one of the best children’s hospitals in the country. Seriously, watch. We promise cute babies.

Parents know that providing the best care for their kids goes beyond rankings, capabilities, accessibility, or any other ’bilities. It’s about the health care provider truly caring. And that includes caring about, valuing, and understanding parents…and all of their questions.

It’s not just that University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital has the answers. It’s that Rainbow gets you, sees the world through the same eyes, and cares about those same questions.

We always want our work to be inspired by insight. It’s best that way. But sometimes, we have the opportunity to play that human truth back to the consumer-person (consuson?) in a way that connects on a deeper level.

Here’s to humans! And the truths that make us tick.