Hey everybody, put down those bananas and carrot sticks! Twinkies are back!

Yep, that’s right. Nine long months after his disappearance whipped everyone into a cream-filled frenzy (slight exaggeration), Twinkie The Kid (a fun-loving snack cake wanted by the law for being too delicious) is riding his Ho-Ho-horse back into town—and back into your highest childproof cupboard.


On Monday, Hostess (under new ownership) started the official countdown to their return, with the Twinkie front and center. No Zingers. No Sno Balls. No Powder Pies*. Only the Twinkie. Because when Hostess went belly (or filling) up, consumers reacted to the loss of Twinkies like it was the end of grandparents. Or the Cleveland Browns. So, Hostess is using that passion to fuel their social media comeback. (Take notes, Tim Couch.)

Because in advertising, as in life, absence makes the heart grow fonder. It’s why people went bonkers when the VW Beetle came back. And can partially explain why limited-time-only deals like the McRib or Fazoli’s Pizza Baked Pastas work so well. So, of course, Twinkie’s brief demise was all we needed to remind us how much we love them. Also, how inadequate Little Debbie Cloud Cakes are.

Set your alarms, stock up on bottled water, and get ready to pitch a tent outside your local Circle K. Because on July 15th—it’s on like Ding Dong.

And speaking of things with good taste, how about some Grey Poupon?

*Doesn’t exist