It’s been a tough month, especially for us Clevelanders. It seems like everywhere we look, we’re bombarded with endless posts, tweets, and comments of despair and hate. So, why don’t we try something crazy and emit some positivity and love out into the interwebs?

Let’s have a little chat about Joy Marketing.

What is Joy Marketing? It’s a phrase describing campaigns that result in a specific emotional response: joy. Here at Brokaw, we have a little saying: “People remember one-third of what they read, one-half of what they hear, but 100% of what they feel.” If we can glue our message in emotional, contextually-relevant human truths, we have a far greater chance of being remembered, and ultimately, selected. And who doesn’t love a feel-good message?

Last year, Reddi-wip enlisted the help of a psychologist to determine how Americans feel joy. She found that 93 percent want to find more ways to experience joy every day, and 94 percent agree joy is more intense when shared with others. She also found that people often forget to stop and savor the joys in their lives—which I think we all are guilty of.

So how about we all take a few moments to step away from social media channels and think—and I mean really think—about all the good in our lives that we’ve been taking for granted. And the next time you’re kicking off a new campaign, consider the route of Joy Marketing. You’d be surprised how a good, touchy-feely connection can give your brand the emotional boost it needs.

-Your still-smiling friends at Brokaw