Rudy. The Miracle on Ice. Rudolph, Hermey, and the Island of Misfit Toys. Cinderella. Avis. Underdogs capture our hearts and give us hope. They make us believe the impossible is possible. They show us what it takes to win—like Phil Mickelson at the British Open this past Sunday when everybody said he would never conquer a links-style course. Underdogs make us think-we-can, think-we-can, even when everyone says: “No, really . . . you can’t. Especially not from Cleveland.”

So why doesn’t this translate to the business world? Why don’t more brands think like a resilient, fearless underdog and continue to find new ways to innovate, as advertising legend Dan Wieden spoke to yesterday?

After all, if you’re outmatched by your competition in any way, shape, or form, now isn’t the time to play it safe. Now isn’t the time to justify your actions or inactions with a simple, “Hey, nobody ever got fired for hiring IBM. Or BBDO.” Unless, of course, you are IBM or BBDO. Or another behemoth in your category that everyone’s gunning for. To which we say: “Better be careful, Tiger. But not tooo careful.” Because here comes Phil.

Speaking of underdogs…

Brokaw Named Ad Age Small Agency of the Year for Agency Culture

Forgive the shameless horn-tooting, but our humble little agency was just named Ad Age Small Agency of the Year for Agency Culture at last night’s annual Small Agency Conference in Portland, Oregon.

To thank our clients for helping us win this prestigious honor, we will be mailing them small boxes of little chocolates handmade by the stars of TLC’s reality show Little Chocolatiers. In addition, we will let our employees out a little early today (4:55 p.m.) to have a small toast thanking them for creating the best agency culture in the country.

After all, who doesn’t love a good underdog story, right?